Who is Little Spunky?

Little Spunky is me, (a.k.a. Susie Kelly DeGregory), a spirited girl from Chi-town, currently living a great big spunky life in the little state of R.I.!

Little Spunky, a natural nickname branded by my dad, came from being the youngest and only girl, striving to keep up with my three older brothers, and losing my mom to breast cancer at age six.  I believe it shaped who I became - finding inner strength, choosing optimism amidst challenging times, seeing the light in life over the dark. Hence, my inner gift of spunk!

Combining my spunkiness with a passion for jewelry created a way for me to be able to share and spread this gift with others.  It's jewelry with your own personal meaning and your emotion attached!

Please feel free to contact me via email at www.sdegregory@mylittlespunky.com, should you have any questions.