My Little Spunky Testimonials

Every "My Little Spunky" is special and one of a kind because it contains a story, a message, and a memory shared between two or more people.  I would love to hear about your special story and share with others how "My Little Spunky" has touched your life!

Feel free to contact me to share your story here!

"I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful job you did on the "Forget Me Knot" footprint charm you and my husband created for me.  I actually cried when I saw it.  I told my husband he could never top this gift, ever.  It is so special to me for so many reasons, as it is the footprint impression of my son, who I lost right after he was born.  Now, I can always have my little boy with me, close to my heart, wherever I go.  I put it on immediately on Christmas eve, and it has been on my neck ever since, wearing it every day.  Thank you again for helping to keep my son's memory alive for us.  It was really a work of art from the heart!"  Lori --Cumberland, RI/"Forget Me Knot" My Little Spunky In Loving Memory necklace.

"Thanks for three beautiful pieces. Three leaf clover--three prints--three friends. Perfect symbol of our friendship over the past 25 years. The matching necklaces made our reunion special!!"  Kim--North Kingstown, RI/"Celtic Clover" My Little Spunky necklaces.

"If you are looking for the perfect gift I highly recommend you consider My Little Spunky. I am so pleased with the special gift that was created for my son't first communion. He was so gracious and touched by the letter that accompanied the gift, as was I. This personalized piece made the event even more special. I'm looking forward to choosing another special gift for my daughter and God-daughter for their first communion next year." Lori-- Exeter, RI/"Little Fish" My Little Spunky necklace.

“As a single mother of three, it is very easy to feel overwhelmed at times. During these moments, I have found feelings of peace and calmness when I touch the beautiful "Om Shanti³" necklace that was given to me by one of Earth’s angels.  This token is a beautiful reminder to breathe, stay clear, and remember what is truly important in life.” - Heidi from Rhode Island/"Om Shanti³" My Little Spunky necklace.

"I love the "Forget me knot" necklace! It is so special to have a piece of jewelry that symbolizes the love and bonding between my daughter and I. I like the meaning and story behind the "forget me knot".  The design is beautiful enough to be worn everyday or for an evening out.  I will cherish this necklace always."  - Kim from New Jersey/"Forget me Knot" My Little Spunky necklace with newborn daughter's footprint.

"I just wanted thank you for making the beautiful necklace! My sister gave it to me for my 50th birthday. I love the concept of the "Forget me Knot" and the lovely personalized story that came with it. Having her fingerprint on the back was a unique idea and quite touching.  It's a gift that I'll treasure and wear often! - Cindy from R.I. /"Forget me Knot" My Little Spunky necklace.

"Thanks for such making such a special gift for my daughter, Kailee. I was so excited to give it to her! Since she is off in college now, I wanted her to know that no matter how far she is from home, she is always close to my heart. Now when she is feeling a little homesick she can always hold her necklace and know how much I love her." - Regina from New Jersey/"Forever in my Heart" My Little Spunky necklace.