My Little Spunky Ordering Details

Each Little Spunky ordered is a special handcrafted one of a kind gift, specifically designed for you or a loved one. 

  • After receiving your request, I will confirm with you all the specifics of your design choice, including double checking spelling of names, and dates if applicable. 

  • A Little Spunky Impression Kit, will be sent to you promptly at no cost.  The kit is as simple as taking an ink impression of your fingerprint. including easy instructions, along with a self addressed return envelope to send back your completed impression. (The impression can also be sent via fax, or email for ease of quicker processing.)*

  • Upon return of your impression, the design process continues until completion.  The entire timefame is around 2 weeks, where confirmation will be sent to let you know that your Little Spunky is completed and ready to be sent on its journey to you, or as a gift from you,  direct to someone special.......

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Choosing My Little Spunky

Please note:  Due to the personalized nature of this jewelry, I cannot provide returns, exchanges, or refunds. As a courtesy, I include a 24 hour cancellation window after reciept of your order, should you wish to cancel. Payment must also be processed before I can begin your custom design.

* This option may apply for loved ones that have already passed via fingerprinting that can be provided for you through the funeral home, or crematory service used.  Military records can also provide a copy of fingerprint images for Military Spunkys.