Choosing My Little Spunky

Which Little Spunky keepsake jewelry will you choose? No matter which piece you choose, you can feel great knowing each one to be a :
  • a "green" product created into fine silver from recycled non-toxic metals. The production processes used to make the silver, have also been designed to have minimal effects on the environment. So, planet earth says ”mucho gracias” to you, in advance!
  • personally hand-made by me to create a personalized jewelry piece just for you! It is not done by some huge conglomerate, or in a factory; it is not pressed out by a machine. Each piece of jewelry is custom crafted, fired, and polished by hand. I do not send out any piece that I wouldn't enjoy myself!
  • paired up with a little something delicate and beautiful. I think this really helps to bring the vision and meaning of each Little Spunky to life. These "little delicate beauties" may be a richly colored hand wrapped stone, an irredescent cultured pearl unique in shape or color, or even as simple as a delicately smoothed and polished natural beach stone from magnificent Lake Michigan (my hometown lake!)
So many Little Spunky choices so little time!  Take a peek:
I hope my work inspires, lifts, and touches your life as well as others special to you.  Continue sowing the seeds of spirit and the gift of spunk, by reaching out to someone and giving them a special piece of personalized jewelry, something they won't soon forget - their own remembrance jewelry -a My Little Spunky!